Policy & Economic Research Department

This Department is one of the core departments in the Ministry. The department is responsible for ensuring that government economic policy development is evidence based, inclusive and coordinated amongst all relevant stakeholders.  The department ensures that private sector and government level co-ordination in policy development, through three Committees/ Councils Chaired by the Minister of Economic Development.

  1. The Trade Facilitation Committee established by the President, comprising of high-level representation from the Government and the private sector.
  2. The Small and Medium Enterprises Council established under the Small and Medium Enterprise Act; and
  3. The Business Council, a discussion group with individual representing business & industry Associations 

The Department consist of three sections

  1. Planning and Policy Co-ordination Section
  2. Notification and Reporting Section
  3. Economic Research, statistics and publication Section

The functions of the Department include undertaking necessary research for economic policy formulation, particularly, policies relating to the real sector of the economy. The Department collects and maintains information and statistics on businesses, foreign investments, SME’s, local and foreign employment and works closely with the other arms of the government and the academia in its research activities. The Policy and economic research department is also entrusted to undertake all notification obligations of the government pertaining to Maldives membership of internationals organizations such as the World Trade Organization, International Labour Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization and others.