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Re-export registration

Why do I need to do this?

Follow this user guide if you need to register for a permanent re-export license and hence need to enter into a re-export agreement with the Ministry of Economic Development.

Where can I apply for the service?

You can apply in person at MED

How long will the process take?

Within 8 days (Day 8) from date of application (Day 1)


What are the fees and charges involved?


Which documents do I need to submit?



Check for:


Re-export registration application form

✓  All required fields filled correctly

✓  All documents listed in the application form are submitted

✓  Signature of applicant is an individual, his/her signature. If applicant is a business/government organisation, signature of an authorised person)

✓  Seal (If applicant is a government entity or company registered for more than 15 days)


Copy of registered bonded warehouse permit (if applicable)

✓  A valid, registered bonded warehouse permit with Maldives Customs Service

✓  Not applicable if goods are in a port (not entered into Maldives yet)



National Identification Card copy

✓  Clear and complete NIC original and copy, if applicant is an individual


Copy of registration certificate (if applicable)

✓  Copy of registration certificate, if applicant is an entity that is required to be registered at the Government (regardless of whether or not they are required to pay annual fee by law)


Annual fee slip (if applicable)

✓  Copy of annual fee slip, if applicant is a company, partnership, cooperative society or any other business.



Objectives of entity applying

✓  Check against Ministry records, whether export or doing business is included as an intended objective of the entity

✓  If entity is registered at another office of the Government, relevant documents of proof should be presented that fulfils objectives as above.


Shareholders (if applicant is a business)

✓  If a foreign individual or company is among the applicant business’s shareholders, they should be approved to do business through the Ministry procedure.


How do I apply for the service?

Day 1:

1. Lodge application for re-export registration at counter.

2. If any information is missing, provide the required information.


* Ministry will share the draft agreement via email or hardcopy, for any comments or objections with any of the clauses in the agreement.


Day 8:

3. Sign the agreement (representative and witness) and stamp with the official seal of the business.

4. Once all signatures are obtained, receive one original of the agreement and provide signature as proof of receipt.


What would I receive at the end of the process?

§  Original of the re-export agreement



§  Export and Import Regulation






§  Re-export agreement template