Investment Promotion

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) has always played a crucial role in the economic development of the Maldives. The Government acknowledges the importance of foreign investment and recognizes its contribution to economic development and employment creation.

The success of foreign investments in the Maldives can be attributed to its open and liberal economic environment, relative political stability and the consistent growth of the economy, which has achieved an average annual growth rate of 7.5 percent over the last 15 years. Foreign investors are offered a simple and transparent policy environment and continuous efforts are being made to make the investing environment more predictable and transparent.

Literally, all sectors of the Maldives economy are open for foreign investors. These investments, irrespective of their size, are encouraged to enter and operate in the Maldives. Thus, capitalizing on the numerous benefits of investing in the Maldives, many reputed international brand names have already established their presence in the country.

Invest Maldives


Invest Maldives is the government agency entrusted with promoting, regulating and licensing foreign investments in the country. It is the first port of call for all foreigners keen on investing in the Maldives.

The process of registering a foreign investment, as required by Law, is simple and straight forward. Prospective investors can expect to get their operations under way within 10 days from the date that all the required documentation is submitted to Invest Maldives.

Invest Maldives will pave the way for speedy commercial operations by providing assistance for every stage of the investment process. The objective is to provide a one-stop-service for all investors wishing to invest in the Maldives.


Invest Maldives plays an active role in supporting investors in their establishment and operations. The following are the main functions and services that are provided by Invest Maldives:

  • Marketing and promotion of the Maldives as an investment destination.
  • Providing information on the Maldives and potential areas of investment to prospective investors.
  • Providing information and guidance on investment approvals and business registration.
  • Disseminate in
  • Co-ordination with line ministries in facilitating business operating licenses for investors
  • Maintaining the co-ordination and dialogue process of strategic investment projects of the Government.