Business Permits

How can I obtain a trade permit for trade of imported goods from factories, vehicle garages, workshops, carpentries and tailor shops?

· To obtain a permit for trade of imported goods from factories, vehicle garages, workshops, carpentries and tailor shops, submit a Trade Permit Application form.

· You should submit a copy of the certificate given by Male’ Municipality to the building of operation of business.

· If a company submits the form, the position of the individual submitting the form should be specified and the form should have the company stamp. This individual should be a director of the company.

· If an individual submits the form, a copy of the Identification Card should be attached.

· The original ID card is also required for reference. 

· Fill the name column in the application form with three names in order of priority.

Do I need to register a name for the business?

· If you wish to use the existing name of the workplace or factory, it can be registered as the business name if available. 

· If the name is not available or if you wish to use a different name, a request for the name should be submitted to the ministry. 

· The business name section of the application form must be filled with three names listed in order of preference. 

What do I need to pay?

· After the name is registered, you will be required to pay the monthly fee upfront for a minimum of one month. 

· The monthly fee for a place on an island with a population higher than 10,000 people is   Mrf. 200. 

· If population is less than 10,000 people, the monthly fee is Mrf.50. 

· The permit will be granted once the receipt of the monthly fee is submitted. 

· A revenue stamp worth Mrf.10 is required for the permit.


What should be considered if a company is submitting the request for a permit or license?

·       If the request is made on behalf of a company, partnership, corporative society, club or a party that requires government registration, the receipt of the annual fee should be submitted with the request.

·       If the entity is not required to pay an annual fee, documentation that proves that it is a legal entity registered by the government should be submitted. 

·       The mandate of the entity should include trading of imported goods.

What if a premise has an existing permit? 

·       If a premise has an existing permit, it should be cancelled before issuing the requested permit. 

·       If the premise is not currently used for trade purposes, a letter should be submitted by the previous traders using the premise stating that they have stopped using the premise and cleared it of all goods. 

What if the owner of the premise you wish to use for trade purposes is deceased?

·       If the owner of the premise is deceased, the heirs should sign the request form stating that they have no objection to the premise being used for the trade purpose specified. The heirs can be verified by a court declaration. 

·       If the court has not declared the heirs, a letter signed by the known heirs should be submitted. The letter should state that in the event that another heir is declared by the court, and that heir objects to the premise being used for trade purposes, the requesting party has no objection to the withdrawal of the issued permit or license.  

·       If any of the heirs is under 18 years of age, a legal guardian should sign the letter on his or her behalf, and specify the relationship between the heir and the guardian.