Business Permits

 How can I obtain a Trade Permit for trade of imported goods from vehicles?

· To obtain a permit for the sale of imported goods from a vehicle, submit a Trade Permit application form. 

· This permit is only given for the sale of petroleum products such as diesel, petroleum and kerosene.

· If a company submits the form, the position of the individual submitting the form should be specified and the form should have the company stamp. This individual should be a director of the company.

· If an individual submits the form, a copy of the Identification Card should be attached.

· The original ID card is also required for reference. 

· The license for trade of imported goods should be placed somewhere easily visible to customers at the time of trading.

· Fill the business name section of the application form with three names listed in order of preference. 

What do I need to pay?

· After the name is registered, you will be required to pay the monthly fee of Mrf.200 upfront for a minimum of one month. 

· The permit will be granted once the receipt of the monthly fee is submitted. 

· A revenue stamp worth Mrf.10 is required for the permit.

What are the standards the vehicle should comply to? 

· The vehicle should be registered at the Ministry of Transport, Housing and Environment.

· The Road Worthiness certificate should be valid for a period longer than one month at the time of registration.


What should be considered if a company is submitting the request for a permit or license?

·       If the request is made on behalf of a company, partnership, corporative society, club or a party that requires government registration, the receipt of the annual fee should be submitted with the request.

·       If the entity is not required to pay an annual fee, documentation that proves that it is a legal entity registered by the government should be submitted. 

·       The mandate of the entity should include trading of imported goods.