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A-08/2011 Notice regarding closing of restaurants, cafe's and canteens

Business permits are currently issued to restaurants, cafe's and canteens under Law number 60/78 (Law governing premises trading in imported goods, restaurants, cafe's and canteens) and Law number 27/78 (Law on cleanliness and maintenance of hotels, premises trading in food items and premises preparing food for trade).

Maldives Food and Drug Authority is granted authorisation to close any such place due to lack of adherence to cleanliness and maintenance guidelines under Law number 27/78. If Maldives Food and Drug Authority decides to close business of a restaurant, cafe' or canteen, Ministry of Economic Development will suspend the respective permit. Operation of a restaurant, cafe' or canteen in the duration of suspension of permit is strictly prohibited, and the premise can resume operations only with the authorization of Maldives Food and Drug Authority.

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