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Labelling of food items sold in shops in either Dhivehi or English

The following amendment has been brought to announcement number A-14-2011 which was made on 24 February 2011 regarding labelling requirements of food items sold in shops under the Consumer Protection Act of Maldives.

All food items imported or manufactured in Maldives for trade purposes should be labelled with the following points on its packaging, whether it is packed in a packet, bottle, can or box.

  • Name of the product
  • Net weight or amount
  • Manufactured dateަ and ަperiod of use, or the expiry date
  • If the product is to be consumed in a specific way, methods for consumption
  • Country of origin
  • Ingredients

If any food items are found on display for sale after 1 June 2011 without labels specifying the above information in full, in either Dhivehi or English, owners of such shops will be fined by Mrf 100,000 (One hundred thousand Maldivian Rufiya).


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